Our Story

Our distinctive range of Symphonia Spirits is the brainchild of Dr Ulrich Dyer – a scientist who, after spending 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, turned his skills to producing gin and rum.

This science-led development of premium Irish spirits has captivated audiences from all over the world. Such is the popularity of our flavoured spirits, we have won national and international awards, and, in 2021 we opened up our new state of the art facility. What is so unique for our visitors is how we have developed innovative distillation processes such as vacuum and microwave distillation to extract flavours and fragrances from ingredients giving a wider palate of flavours which allows a greater complexity and subtlety in the taste of these Irish spirits.

Because of our eco-friendly approach to making our spirits, we believe our inventions could be the most sustainably produced spirits on the market.

Our team is passionate about connecting our range of spirits with the countryside which surrounds us to give you a taste of the Irish countryside. To do so, we use ingredients which grow in the area, encapsulating the essence of our rural and natural surroundings. Ulrich’s knowledge of chemistry, and the techniques he adopts, allows him to examine the flavour molecules in various botanicals which are then distilled individually, under bespoke conditions, to produce a series of flavour notes which are then composed into a series of Symphonias – hence our name.